During the installation AQUAD automatically creates the following directories on your computer. For simplification we assume here that you install the module for text analysis and you use "C:\AQUAD_8e" as suggested by the installation routine for the root directory of all files related to AQUAD (for audios, videos and graphic files these specifications apply analogously).:
C:\AQUAD_8e Base or root directory; here the supplied sample texts are installed automatically. The texts (*.txt) of your project must also be stored in this directory.
C:\AQUAD_8e\cod Coding files (*.aco) created during the interpretation work (*.aco); additionally, you find here the parameters of the projects and the directories of codes, keywords, etc., which are stored for further analysis.
C:\AQUAD_8e\cod_s This directory is used to back up your codes, especially so that previous codes can be restored in case you merge different codes with similar meanings and replace them by new metacode(s).
C:\AQUAD_8e\lit The nanual. Here you can also store publications, links, etc., which are important for your work on the current project.
C:\AQUAD_8e\mco Metacode files (summaries of codes of identical or similar meaning).
C:\AQUAD_8e\prg The program itself, the help file and parameters of the current project.
C:\AQUAD_8d\res The results of frequency counts as lists (*.txt) and/or tables (*.csv files).
C:\AQUAD_8e\scripts The R scripts for further exploratory statistical analysis of the results.